Banff unveils non-fiction and interactive noms

Non-fiction programs ranging from Afghan Star to Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children are in the running for Rockies at this year's Banff World Media Festival.
April 18, 2011

The Banff World Media Festival has announced its list of nominees for this year’s Non-fiction and Interactive Rockies, to be held during the 32nd annual edition of the event, from June 12 to 15. Twenty-nine awards are to be handed out in total, including the fiction category.

On the non-fiction front, multiple broadcast and cable companies up for honors include HBO, BBC, CBC, Channel 4, History, ARTE, NHK, and SBS. Interestingly, the UK practically dominated the reality category with five of the six nominees coming from UK broadcasters and the sole exception being the CBC’s Dragon’s Den. No U S. programming made the cut for that category.

In the interactive department, The National Film Board of Canada has four out of six nominations in the best online program – documentary category, and FremantleMedia is a multiple nominee for best online program – entertainment.

A full list of nominees for both the non-fiction and interactive Rockies follows.

Non-fiction Rockies nominees for 2011:


Presented in partnership with The Banff Centre

Afghan Star

Produced by Redstart Media, Roast Beef Productions and Aria Productions

In association with HBO Documentary Films

For Home Box Office (USA)

Dark Light: The Art of Blind Photographers

A Corinne Marrinan-Neil Leifer Production

In association with HBO Documentary Films

For Home Box Office (USA)

Hip Hop, The Furious Force of Rhymes

Produced by Films d’Ici, Furious Media LLC, ARTE France, SNI/SI Networks L.L.C. and Link TV

In association with YLE Co-Productions and Outi Saarikoski

For ARTE (France)

Music by Prudence

Produced by iThemba Productions

In association with HBO Documentary Films

For HBO2 (USA)

Opera Italia – “Viva Verdi”

Produced by BBC Classical Music Television

For BBC (UK)

Vincent Van Gogh Painted with Words

Produced by BBC Scotland

For BBC (UK)


6 Rides to Sunday

Produced by White Iron Pictures Inc.

For Rogers Broadcasting Limited/ OMNI (Canada)

Air Hospital

Produced by IWC MEDIA

For Channel 4 (UK)


Produced by DR

For DR (Denmark)

One Born Every Minute

Produced by Dragonfly Productions

For Channel 4 (UK)

The World’s Tallest Man: Still Growing

Produced by Wild Dream Films

For Discovery TLC (UK)

World of Jenks

Produced by MTV



An Píopa

Produced by Scannáin Inbhear Teoranta

For TG4 (Ireland)

Architects of Change – “To Innovate is to Imitate”

Produced by Les Productions Vic Pelletier and Lato Sensu Productions

For RDI, TFO, TV5 Monde, Ushaïa TV and TV8 Mont-Blanc (Canada)

I Have Seen the Earth Change – “Mongolia, Swept Away with the Wind”

Produced by Adamis Production

In association with France 5, Planete

For France 5 (France)

Les insurgés de la terre (Eco Warriors)

Produced by Woods TV – Dissidents

In association with ARTE France

For ARTE France (France)

Tipping Point: The Age of the Oil Sands

Produced by Clearwater Documentary Inc.

For CBC (Canada)

True Stories: The Cove

Produced by Vertigo Films

For MORE4 (UK)


Presented in partnership with Rogers

America: The Story of Us – “Division”

Produced by Nutopia


Blitz Street

Produced by Impossible Pictures

For Channel 4 (UK)

Eichmanns’ End – Love, Treachery, Death

Produced by doc.station, Hamburg

For NDR (North German Broadcasting Corporation) (Germany)


A Pieter van Huystee Film

In association with NTR Television

For NTR Broadcasting Organisation (The Netherlands)


Produced by Silverbridge Productions and Passion Pictures

In association with HBO Documentary Films, Screen Pass Pictures, Impact Partner, Motto Pictures and BBC Storyville

For Home Box Office (USA)

The Third Reich: The Rise and The Fall

Produced by New Animal Productions

In association with A&E Television



Backlight – “Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street”

Produced by VPRO Television

In association with NPO Broadcasting Organisation

For VPRO Television (The Netherlands)

Burma VJ

Produced by Magic Hour Films in coproduction with WG Film, Mediamente, Kamoli Films, The Danish Film Institute and DR TV

In association with HBO Documentary Films

For Home Box Office (USA)

Dispatches – “Afghanistan: Behind Enemy Lines”

Produced by Channel 4 Television

For Channel 4 (UK)

If God is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise

40 Acres & A Mule Presents a Spike Lee Joint

In association with HBO Documentary Films

For Home Box Office (USA)

This World – “Closing Guantanamo”

Produced by Renegade Pictures (UK) Ltd

In association with BBC

For BBC 2 (UK)

Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children

Produced by True Vision

For BBC (UK)


Dispatches – “Politicians for Hire”

Produced by Vera Productions

For Channel 4 (UK)

Dispatches – “Tabloids, Tories and Telephone Hacking”

Produced by Blakeway Productions

For Channel 4 (UK)

For Neda

Produced by Mentorn Productions

In association with Antony Thomas Productions for HBO Documentary Films

For Home Box Office (USA)

Remote Control War

Produced by Zoot Pictures Inc.

In association with DocBot Films Inc.

For CBC Doc Zone (Canada)

The Fence

A Moxie Firecracker Production

In association with HBO Documentary Films

For Home Box Office (USA)

The Taking of Prince Harry

Produced by Juniper Productions

For Channel 4 (UK)



Produced by December Films and Pemberton Films

For SBS (Australia)

Inside Incredible Athletes

Produced by Renegade Films

For Channel 4 (UK)

Miracle Body – “Downhill Skiing: Race Against Fear”

Produced by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

In association with NHK Global Media Services, Inc in partnership with Eurovision Science

For NHK (Japan)

The Real Face of Jesus?

Produced by Left Right Inc.

In association with A&E Television Networks


The World After Dinosaurs

Produced by NHK, National Geographic Channel U.S. and France Télévisions Distribution/France 5

In association with NHK Enterprises, Inc.

For NHK, National Geographic Channel U.S. and France Télévisions Distribution/France 5 (Japan)

Wonders of the Solar System – “Empire of the Sun”

Produced by BBC

For BBC (UK)


A Small Act

Produced by Harambee Media Productions

In association with HBO Documentary Films

For Home Box Office (USA)

Between Life and Death

Produced by BBC Cymru Wales

For BBC (UK)

Dispatches – “Africa’s Last Taboo”

Produced by Insight News Television

For Channel 4 (UK)

Everlasting Sorrow, Life after the Death Penalty

Produced by AMIP

For France 2 (France)

Life with Murder

Produced by JS Kastner Productions

In association with the National Film Board of Canada

For CTV (Canada)

Living the End

Produced by Cordell Jigsaw

For SBS (Australia)


Amazon Alive – “Jungle of the Mind”

Produced by Studio Hamburg DocLights Naturfilm

In association with ARTE/NDR, ORF, National Geographic International, Animal Planet and Parthenon Entertainment

For ARTE/NDR (Germany)

Beasts of the Bible

Produced by Associated Producers Ltd.

For Animal Planet and Vision TV (Canada)

Human Planet – “Deserts: Life in the Furnace”

Produced by BBC

For BBC (UK)

Natural World – “Echo: An Unforgettable Elephant”

Produced by Mike Birkhead Productions

In association with BBC, Natural History Unit

For BBC (UK)

Poppy’s Promise

Produced by nautilusfilm GmbH

For Bayerischer Rundfunk and ARTE (Germany)

Sky Hunters – The World of the Dragonfly

Produced by Power of Earth Productions TV & Film Produktions Ges.m.b.H.

For Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF) (Austria)


Presented in partnership with CBC/Radio-Canada

Don’t Tell the Bride – “Simon and Kayleigh”

Produced by Renegade Pictures

In association with BBC

For BBC (UK)

Dragons’ Den – Season 5, Episode 8

Produced by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

For CBC (Canada)

Take Me Out – Series 2, Episode 7

Produced by talkbackTHAMES

For ITV1 (UK)

The Cube – Series 2, Episode 1

Produced by Objective Productions

For ITV1 (UK)

The Money Drop (The Million Pound Drop)

Produced by Remarkable Television, an Endemol UK company

For Channel 4 (UK)

Undercover Boss – “Best Western”

Produced by Studio Lambert

For Channel 4 (UK)


Embarrassing Bodies – Series 4, Episode 1

Produced by Maverick Television

For Channel 4 (UK)

Heston’s Feast – “Heston’s Chocolate Factory Feast”

Produced by Optomen Television Productions

For Channel 4 (UK)

Income Property – “Mike & Antoinette”

Produced by RTR Media Inc.

In association with HGTV

For HGTV US & HGTV Canada (Canada)

Storage Wars – “Melee in the Maze”

Produced by Original Productions, LLC

For A&E Network (USA)

X-Weighted: Families – “Adrienne”

Produced by Anaïd Productions Inc

For Slice (Canada)

Young Talent – “Young Beautician of the Year”

Produced by BBC

For BBC 3 (UK)


A Family Is A Family Is A Family: A Rosie O’Donnell Celebration

Produced by KidRo Productions

In association with HBO Documentary Films

For Home Box Office (USA)

A Hero on Tuesdays – “Luca, Lara, Anton”

Produced by Gigaherz GmbH

In association with Südwestrundfunk (SWR)

For SWR (Germany)

Deadly 60 – “Baja California, Mexico”

Produced by BBC

For BBC (UK)

Die Sesamstrasse praesentiert: Eine Moehre fuer Zwei (Sesame Street presents: A Carrot for Two)

“Der Arztbesuch (The Doctors Cosultation)”

Produced by Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR)

In association with Sesame Workshop

For Kinderkanal (Germany)

Horrible Histories – Episode 1

Produced by Lion Television & Citrus Television


Remote Control Star

Produced by Cineflix (Robostar) Limited

In association with BBC



Battlefront – “Bella’s Cafe”

Produced by Raw TV

For Channel 4 (UK)

Made – “Tommy Finton – Filmmaker”

Produced by MTV

In association with One Louder Productions, Inc.


Mind Samples – Episode 3

Produced by YLE

For YLE Teema (Finland)

TeenNick HALO Awards 2010

Produced by Nickeoldeon

In association with nCredible Productions

For TeenNick (USA)

Teensville – “My Mum’s Gay Wedding”

Produced by Princess Productions & Modo

For BBC Switch (UK)

World’s Strictest Parents – “New Jersey”

Produced by Twenty Twenty

In association with BBC

For BBC (UK)

The 2011 Interactive Rockie nominees are:

Presented in partnership with LinkedIn

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games
Produced by BBC Wales
In association with Sumo Digital and Revolution Software
For (UK)

Fact Checkers Unit – “Fear of Flying”
Produced by SXM
In association with NBCUniversalStudios
For (USA)

Fight Club Performance at the Nursing Home
Produced by Break Media
In association with Fox Home Entertainment

The Webventures of Justin & Alden – “The Last Episode”
Produced by CJP Digital Media
In association with Effinfunny
For (USA)


Collapsus: The Energy Risk Conspiracy
Produced by Submarine Channel
In association with VPRO
For (The Netherlands)

Conspiracy for Good
Produced by TKE Imperative (US) and The Company P (Sweden)
In association with NOKIA (UK)

Produced by Clerkenwell Productions
In association with Kerb Digital
For Channel 4 (UK)

Museum Secrets
Produced by Kensington Communications Inc.
For History Television (Canada)

One Ocean Interactive
Produced by Merit Motion Pictures
In association with Tactica Interactive
For CBC (Canada)

The Dating Guy
Produced by marblemedia
For TELETOON (Canada)



Pikku Kakkonen
Produced by YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) (Finland)

Ruby Skye P.I.
Produced by Jill Golick Enterprises (Canada)

Wilson & Ditch Digging America
Produced by The Jim Henson Company
For (USA)


Africa to Australia

Produced by Indian Ocean Productions and SBS Digital Media, In association with 360 Degree Films
For  (Australia)

Highrise/Out My Window

Produced by National Film Board of Canada (Canada)

Holy Mountain!

Produced by National Film Board of Canada (Canada)

Jail Tales – “A Mother’s Sentence”
Produced by BBC
For BBC Three (UK)

This Land

Produced by National Film Board of Canada (Canada)

Welcome To Pine Point

Produced by National Film Board of Canada (Canada)


Being Erica Season III Webisodes – “The Road Less Travelled”
Produced by Temple Street Productions
In association with CBC
For (Canada)

En audition avec Simon / Casting Call – “Julie Le Breton”
a_ média
For (Canada)

Suite 7 – “Company”
Produced by CJP Digital Media
In association with CJP Communications
For (USA)

Temp mort:Saison 2 – Episode 1
Produced by Productions Babel
In association with CBC/Radio-Canada (Canada)

The Bannen Way – “The Prep Day”
Produced by Colton Productions
In association with Sony Pictures Television
For (USA)


Mid Morning Matters with Alan Partridge – “Partridge on Partridge”
Produced by Baby Cow Productions


Produced by FremantleMedia
In association with SORTED Ltd.
For YouTube (UK)

The F Factor – Episodes 2 and 8
Produced by talkbackTHAMES digital
In association with talkbackTHAMES and Syco
For (UK)

Wrapped Up: World Cup
Produced by FremantleMedia
For YouTube (UK)

Wu-How – Episode 1
Produced by BBC Bristol
For BBC Three (UK)

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