Schirripa scores a hit with ID’s “Nothing Personal”

U.S. cable network Investigation Discovery has this month renewed contract killers doc series Nothing Personal for a second season. Actor Steve Schirripa (pictured), the show's host and exec producer, talks to realscreen about making a hit.
April 21, 2011

Contract killer fans rejoice: U.S. cable network Investigation Discovery (ID) has renewed its hitman-themed documentary series Nothing Personal for a second season.

The first season of the series, produced by Canada’s Cineflix Productions and hosted by actor Steve Schirripa (pictured), premiered last month and looked at the sinister underworld of contract killings, focusing on mafia disloyalties, romantic infidelities and friendships turned sour.

For Schirripa, the show presented an opportunity to be involved with the kind of grisly true crime series that he enjoyed while growing up.

“I’m a very big true crime fan; big, big, big,” Schirripa enthuses. “They [ID] asked me to do something like this, and I had been a big fan of [NBC's] Dateline and [CBS's] 48 Hours and those kinds of docu-drama shows.”

The actor, who also exec produces the series, says the second season will continue to take you “within the minds of hitmen.” Among the stories featured on the show are “a woman who hired a hitman to kill her husband, and then a hitman to kill the hitman,” and a tale about two teens who grew up to become assassins for a Mexican drug cartel.

“We have some of the killings on camera, we have the victim’s families… if you’re a true crime fan, it is a fascinating, heinous world,” says Schirripa, who is best known for playing fictional mobster Bobby Baccalieri Jr. in HBO drama The Sopranos.

Of all the cases featured on the series, however, there is one that particularly sticks in his mind. “There was a gentleman who divorced his wife; didn’t want to be married to her,” he recalls. “She remarried, had quadruplets – six kids in total – and he paid a guy $10,000 to kill her. Horrible, horrible, horrible.”

He adds that with all of the hitmen featured on the show, “there’s one common thread: money.”

“It seems to be the factor with everything,” he explains. “Not that it was a surprise really, but with every single one it was not about hatred or anything, it was all about money.”

ID will air the second season of Nothing Personal later this year.

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