Howard T. Owens leaving Reveille

The managing director of the U.S. prodco (pictured) will continue to work with the company on a consultancy level once his contract expires in June.
April 29, 2011

(Photo: Howard T. Owens at the 2011 Realscreen Summit, taken by Rahoul Ghose)

Reveille managing director Howard T. Owens has confirmed he will be leaving the U.S. company once his contract expires in June.

One of the first members of Reveille’s management team, in addition to Mark Koops, Chris Grant and founder Ben Silverman, Owens has been with the prodco since 2002. It was acquired by Shine in 2008.

“I’ve been lucky enough to guide the company over the last couple of years and keep the growth up, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with some incredible people, including Elisabeth [Murdoch, Shine Group head] and Emiliano [Calemzuk, Shine Group Americas CEO],” Owens told realscreen.

“It’s been a great run and with this last sale of the company and with my contract coming up, it felt like a good time to leave. It feels like the company’s poised for great things, and I think that there’s a time for everything.”

Owens, Grant and Koops came to Reveille via WMA and became directors following Silverman’s move to NBC as top programmer.

Grant was named president of Shine International, the sales and distrib arm for Shine Group, shortly after the 2008 acquisition, while Koops left Reveille in September of last year as part of a restructuring that saw Owens continue as sole managing director, and exec producer Robin Ashbrook upped to the newly-created position of non-scripted entertainment.

In a statement, Shine Group Americas CEO Emiliano Calemzuk said: “Howard is a visionary, a multi-talented executive and a leader whose contribution in establishing Reveille as one of the world’s finest providers of scripted and unscripted programs has been enormous. We are creating every incentive for him to come to us with ideas and projects in the future. It has been a pleasure to work with him.”

In discussing high points of working with Reveille since 2002, Owens cited the success of The Biggest Loser, produced with 3Ball Productions and 25/7 Productions, and scripted comedy hit The Office, as well as some of the more socially-conscious programs on the prodco’s roster such as 30 Days and The Buried Life. He also pointed to the 25-plus digital series created by the prodco under his watch as evidence of the company’s wide-ranging production expertise.

“I’ve been able to participate in a wide range of programming and see first-hand what works and what doesn’t,” he told realscreen. “There are always the ones that got away and there are some shows that I wish had worked but didn’t. But in general, I started [my career] in the mail room 12 or 13 years ago. It’s been a fun and exciting journey and it’ll continue after I take a little time off to spend with my family, who’ve been incredibly patient and loving.”

While Owens said it was too soon to discuss next moves in terms of production plans, he will continue to act as a consultant for the company until the end of the year. Meanwhile, the search is on for a replacement at Reveille, and Owens will help Calemzuk and the company in that process.

“We have a great relationship and I feel lucky,” he said.

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