Electric Sky sells in Australia, India

UK distributor Electric Sky has sold a package deal into Australia, and reports sales into Denmark and India, where Trishna & Krishna: Separate Lives (pictured) was sold.
May 18, 2011

UK distributor Electric Sky has sold a package deal into Australia, and is reporting sales into Denmark, India and more.

Denmark terrestrial DRTV has acquired the current affairs documentary Secret Iraq (2 x 59 minutes) by Quicksilver Media for BBC2, which was recently nominated for a BAFTA. The doc gives a new look at the story of Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Fox in India has picked up Mercurio’s Menu series 1 and 2 (26 x 21 minutes) by WTFN Entertainment for the Seven Network Australia. The travel and cooking series is presented by Strictly Ballroom star Paul Mercurio.

Also in India, Discovery has acquired Trishna & Krishna: Separate Lives (1 x 52 minutes) by WTFN for Seven (pictured). The documentary focuses on the separation of Siamese twins, and has also been picked up by UKTV’s channel Really.

In Australia, Seven picked up a package of programming, including green Olympic games documentary Going for Green: Britain’s 2012 Dream (1 x 48 minutes) by Darlow Smithson; HD two-parter Building Sea City (2 x 44 minutes) by Furnace for the Discovery Channel and architecture special Bridging the World (1 x 48 minutes) by Title Role Productions for History.

Seven also picked up a number of racing series including Racing Green (8 x 26 minutes) by  Von Planta Productions for BBC World News; Great Grand Prix Racing Heroes (12 x 52 minutes) and Le Mans, Battle of La Sarthe (1 x 52 minutes) both by Brunswick Films.  

Elsewhere in Australia, XYZnetworks’ LifeStyle HOME channel picked up A Place in the Sun – Home or Away series five (55 x 48 minutes) by Freeform Productions for Channel 4. Nine Network Australia has licensed World’s Fattest Man (1 x 60 minutes) by Electric Sky Production for Discovery TLC/Channel 4.

Electric Sky also announced other recent deals with E! Entertainment, which has licensed more than 40 hours of fashion and design series including Big Boutique series one and two (52 x 24 minutes) and Big Boutique In the City (13 x 24 minutes) and Fashion Avenue series 1 – 3 (32 x 25 minutes) which is presented by supermodel Jodie Kidd.  

In New Zealand, Sky Network acquired HD special Looking for Lowry (1 x 78 minutes / 1 x 60 minutes) by Foxtrot Films, featuring Ian McKellen. The doc celebrates British artist L.S. Lowry.

Lastly, French broadcaster Planete has picked up a package including Crime Scene Insects (1 x 47 minutes) by Crocodile Media for the Crime and Investigation Network; Partners in Crime (6 x 25 minutes) by Very! for Crime and Investigation Asia and The Second Coming (1 x 50 minutes) by UK producer Wild Dream Films for National Geographic USA. This one-hour documentary special features three men who claim to be the second coming of Christ.

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