Channel 4 gets “Shipwrecked” again

Pioneering reality show Shipwrecked is set to return to its roots with its upcoming eighth season on Channel 4, set to air late 2011 on T4.
May 19, 2011

Pioneering reality show Shipwrecked is returning to Channel 4 for its eighth season, set to air late 2011 on T4.

RDF Television will produce the 15 x 60-minute series, filmed in the Cook Islands once again. Casting is underway.

The new series of Shipwrecked will go back to it roots with a ‘back to basics’ formula. The original version of the reality series aired in 2000, and was seen as a social experiment documentary where young British contestants were dropped off in the Cook Islands and tasked with figuring out how to survive.

The series changed to more of a Survivor-type show in 2006 with its Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands iteration, which added competition and prize elements. The Battle of the Islands ran until 2009.

Neil McCallum, head of T4 and Music said in a statement, “As one of the pioneering reality shows, Shipwrecked has always proved to be a firm favorite amongst T4 fans. So it’s great to be bringing the show back this autumn, with its refreshed format and new back to basics approach to island life.”

Executive producer Tayte Simpson added, “The rules and format will be kept tightly under wraps, but we can say that applicants should be prepared for the experience to be tougher than ever… Yes, it’s paradise, but this is no summer holiday.”

Shipwrecked will be executive produced by Tayte Simpson for RDF Television, part of Zodiak Media Group, with series producer Kate Bates. The commissioning editor for T4 is Neil McCallum.

Zodiak Rights holds worldwide rights to the format and the finished programs.

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