OWN to launch O’Donnell and Winfrey shows October 10

The long-awaited talk show from Rosie O’Donnell and OWN Your Life (The Oprah Class), formerly known as Oprah's Encore, will air back-to-back on weeknights.
July 29, 2011

The Oprah Winfrey Network will launch two of its major series on October 10: The Rosie Show and OWN Your Life (The Oprah Class).

Both series will run back-to-back on weeknights, with The Rosie Show taking the 7 p.m. EST/PST slot and OWN Your Life: The Oprah Class following at 8 p.m. EST/PST.

The latter program, formerly known as Oprah’s Encore and announced at Discovery Communications’ Upfront in April, will curate the best of Winfrey’s 25-year talk show, and pair the clips with “all new insights and life lessons from the show,” according to the network.

The show will also be accompanied by an online education component that will include actual course work on The network says viewers can now visit the site to register for the class, with a goal of having one million viewers sign up to take part. The “class work’ will begin in conjunction with the premiere of the series. Billed as ‘the ultimate life class,” the series is produced by Winfrey’s Harpo Productions.

The Rosie Show will feature comedy and game segments, live musical performances, celebrity visits and topical discussions, with the network saying the series will “cover current events, spotlight hometown heroes and newsmakers, showcase the arts, celebrate kids and families, as well as feature well-known and upcoming talent.” The Rosie Show is produced by Harpo Studios in association with KidRo Productions, Inc. and SantaBu Productions.

“At Oprah’s core, she is a teacher,” said OWN president Sheri Salata. “OWN Your Life (The Oprah Class) is the brand we are building at OWN. This will be a signature series along with Rosie’s creative and comedic genius.”

‘With Rosie’s authenticity, paired with Oprah’s remarkable insights from the past 25 years, there will be two hours every day that viewers won’t want to miss,” added network co-president Erik Logan.

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