Nordic World distributing TV2′s Norway massacre doc

Terror Island, the first Norwegian-produced documentary on the recent Oslo and Utoya massacre that killed 77 people, is being sold by Nordic World.
August 17, 2011

Terror Island (pictured), the first Norwegian-produced documentary on the recent Oslo and Utoya massacre of 77 people, is being sold by Nordic World.

The 58-minute documentary is made by TV2 Norway and The Documentary Company.

Using exclusive footage, the special chronicles the sequence of events that began on July 22 with a detonated bomb in Oslo and ended with the gunning down of 69 young people on the holiday island of Utoya.

Nordic World says the doc’s exclusive footage illuminates the “best and worst of human nature” with scenes of self-confessed killer Anders Behring Breivik’s rampage balanced with scenes featuring the bravery and compassion of the youngsters on the island. Also featured are interviews with the survivors, who talk about how they’re coping in the aftermath of the attack, including dealing with ‘survivor’s guilt.’

Terror Island is a moving and emotional documentary about an horrific act that will live on in the hearts and minds of Norwegians and all right-thinking people around the world,” said Nordic World CEO Espen S. Huseby. “It is not only the first film about the atrocity to come out of Norway, but it was also made by people who were directly involved in the incident — TV2′s offices were only two blocks away from the Oslo bomb and had to be evacuated on that terrible day.

“Sunday, August 21 will see a National Memorial Ceremony in Oslo to commemorate those who lost their lives, which seems a fitting moment to share this extraordinary film and its powerful message — that hatred can be conquered by love — with the world,” he added.

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