Exec shake-up at Canada’s Much MTV Group

Management changes at Bell Media continue as the company announces the departure of production and development execs at Much MTV Group (including Ben Rotterman, pictured) and The Comedy Network.
August 18, 2011

More restructuring has taken place at Bell Media specialty, as a number of execs in the Much MTV Group, Bravo! and Comedy Network have left the company.

An internal memo from Specialty Channels and CTV Production president Rick Brace on Wednesday afternoon stated that Mark McInnis (VP of production, Much MTV Group), Ben Rotterman (director of series and development, Much MTV Group), Faith Feingold (executive producer, Much MTV Group), Jason Ford (supervising producer, Much MTV Group) and director of production Sam Dynes have all left the company.

The Comedy Network’s VP Millan Curry-Sharples also left on Tuesday.

The changes follow last month’s management shakeup, with the departure of Joanna Webb and appointments of Catherine MacLeod, Sally Basmajian, Neil Staite, Justin Stockman and Nanci Maclean.

According to Brace’s memo, the changes were made “in an effort to more effectively and efficiently manage the specialty business” and the realignment “focuses our expertise, avoids duplication of responsibilities, and creates clear reporting lines, allowing for strategic cross-channel synergies.”

In the memo, Brace references Bell Media’s recent CRTC applications for new specialty licenses and that the mediaco “looks forward to developing more compelling original content with our independent production partners through the Bell Benefits.”

Bell Media’s channel applications include four national, English-language, Category 2 specialty channels: Bella, targeting women 18-to-24 years oldĀ  with relationship, lifestyle, beauty, trends and style programming; Confession TV, an emergency-operations-themed channel; Movies, focused on action and adventure programming; and SuperHero, with programming from international markets on “the latest trends in non-violent action, adventure, superheroes, comedy and interactivity.”

Hearings on the new channels start Sept. 16.

The memo also references upcoming changes to Bravo!, which is slated for a programming strategy refocus.

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