Discovery, Nutopia examine “How We Invented the World”

Nutopia will produce the five-hour landmark series for Discovery Networks International, using "a new global creative model" to adapt and customize the show for each of Discovery's key territories.
October 27, 2011

Discovery Networks International (DNI) has commissioned Jane Root’s indie Nutopia to produce How We Invented the World, a five-hour landmark doc series looking at the most iconic inventions and breakthroughs of the modern age.

The series will be filmed around the planet and, using what Discovery is billing as “a new global creative model,” will be adapted and customized for each of Discovery’s key territories.

“Audiences from London to Warsaw, from New York to Sydney, will watch customized versions with their own stories and local high profile experts,” according to a statement from DNI. The series is set to premiere on the Discovery Channel worldwide, in 210 countries and reaching 400 million households, in 2012.

The series was commissioned by Julian Bellamy, DNI’s creative director and head of production and development, and promises to use “state-of-the-art filming techniques, cinematic CGI and dramatization” to tell the story of devices such as black box recorders and cell phones.

It will also look at possible future inventions, from guns that check your DNA fingerprint before they can fire, to transparent planes that allow passengers astonishing views of the world.

Eileen O’Neill, group president for Discovery and TLC Networks, said Discovery is “uniquely positioned to tackle this project on such a global scale,” adding, “It is fitting to kick off this new model about a topic where people think big and push boundaries, because that is exactly what we are doing.”

“As the prototype for globalized TV in the future, this series is epic in scale, idea and budget, while simultaneously retaining local flavor,” added Bellamy. “It’s a fantastic way to kick-start our drive into more original productions that are international ideas that feed Discovery Channel’s global footprint.”

How We Invented the World is exec produced by Sarah Davies for DNI and Christine Weber for Discovery Channel US.

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