Animal Planet renews “Whale Wars”

The at-sea exploits of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and captain Paul Watson will once again air on the Discovery Communications net in June for an as-yet-undetermined number of episodes.
December 23, 2011

Whale Wars is returning to Discovery Communications’ Animal Planet for a fifth season.

The series, produced by The Lizard Trading Company and following the at-sea exploits of the Sea Shepherd Conservation society and its leader, captain Paul Watson, is slated for an as-yet-undetermined number of new episodes in June of 2012.

The Sea Shepherds are currently in the midst of their eighth whale defense campaign, dubbed Operation Divine Wind. Three vessels with a collected crew of nearly 100 will be in the Antarctic waters for an expected two-month engagement with the Japanese whaling fleet.

The upcoming episodes will feature the return of first mate Peter Brown, who had not appeared on the show for several seasons.

“Whale Wars has been ground-breaking and riveting television, because each side is willing to risk it all in the Southern Ocean,” said Marjorie Kaplan, Animal Planet’s president and general manager. “Last year, we all thought the Sea Shepherds had ended whaling but now they are once again preparing to risk much for what they believe in.”

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