Doc screenplay nominees announced for WGA Awards

The Writers Guild of America West and East has revealed its 2012 award nominees, with Position Among the Stars and Pina (pictured) up for documentary screenplay, while PBS dominates the current events category.
January 6, 2012

The Writers Guild of America West and East has revealed its 2012 award nominees, with Position Among the Stars and Pina (pictured) up for documentary screenplay, while PBS dominates the current events category.

The films up for the documentary screenplay are: Better This World, written by Katie Galloway and Kelly Duane de la Vega, Loteria Films; If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front, written by Marshall Curry and Matthew Hamachek, Oscilloscope Pictures; Nostalgia for the Light, written by Patricio Guzmán, Icarus Films; Pina, screenplay by Wim Wenders, Sundance Selects; Position Among the Stars, script by Hetty Naaijkens-Retel Helmrich and Leonard Retel Helmrich, HBO Documentary Films; and Senna, written by Manish Pandey, Producers Distribution Agency.

In the documentary – current events category, the three nominees are all PBS specials. Nominated are the ‘Nova’ doc, Smartest Machine on Earth, written by Julia Cort and Michael Bicks; and ‘Frontline’ docs The Spill, written by Marcela Gaviria and Martin Smith, and Top Secret America, written by Michael Kirk and Mike Wiser.

Meanwhile, the documentary other than current events category exclusively features PBS projects as well. The ‘American Experience’ strand has four documentaries up for the win, and includes Dinosaur Bone War, written by Mark Davis; Freedom Riders, written by Stanley Nelson; The Great Famine, written by Austin Hoyt; and Triangle Fire, written by Mark Zwonitzer. Also up for that category are ‘Nova’ doc Making Stuff Smarter, written by Daniel McCabe; Episode One: A New Adam, a New Eden, from ‘God in America,’ written by David Belton; Prohibition: Episode Two: A Nation of Scofflaws, written by Geoffrey C. Ward; and ‘Frontline’ doc Wiki Secrets, written by Marcela Gaviria and Martin Smith.

The winners will be honored at the 2012 Writers Guild Awards on February 19, during simultaneous ceremonies in Hollywood and New York.

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