“Rat Bastards” and bounty hunters coming to Spike

The U.S. cable net has added three new unscripted series to its slate and is reviving World's Wildest Police Videos.
January 31, 2012

Spike TV has added three non-fiction series to its slate, encompassing bounty hunters, tattoos and swamp rats.

Aside from Full Bounty, Tattoo Nightmares and Rat Bastards, the male-centric cable net has also ordered 13 episodes of former Fox series World’s Wildest Police Videos and the two-part special Urban Jungle Man.

“These three new non-scripted shows share a theme of larger-than-life characters in extreme situations where the high stakes are real,” said Sharon Levy, EVP, original series for Spike. “They are perfect complements to our upcoming launches of Big Easy Justice, American Digger and Diamond Divers, which have similar distinctive characters.”

Created by Barry Poznick and John Stevens of Zoo Productions, the 10-episode competition series Full Bounty features 12 bounty hunters who must track down criminal fugitives under the supervision of law enforcement in order to win a position with a prominent bail bond and fugitive recovery agency. The contestant that captures the most fugitives wins.

On the six-episode Tattoo Nightmares, created by Jersey Shore‘s Sally Ann Salsano and 495 Productions, people with bad tattoos go under the needle to get their hilarious, disturbing and embarrassing body art covered up, while Rat Bastards follows a group of men dubbed the ‘Cajun Commandoes’ in Louisiana in competition to hunt down an invasive species of giant swamp rats. The six-episode series was co-created by Eli Holzman and Stephen Lambert of Studio Lambert and Royal Malloy, Duke Straub and Colt Straub of American Chainsaws.

Spike has also ordered a 13-episode revival of former Fox series World’s Wildest Police Videos from Pilgrim Studios and Pursuit Productions. Hosted by retired sheriff John Bunnell, the show compiles footage of hostage takings, car chases and bank robberies from around the world.

The network also picked up the two-part special Urban Jungle Man from Asylum Entertainment. The series is about extreme animal handler John Brennan who rescues, captures and relocates exotic animals living in the country’s urban centers.

Air dates for each series will be announced soon.

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