MIPTV Picks 2012: The Art of Yodeling

If this film is to be believed, then yodeling isn't just for the silver-haired set anymore.
March 23, 2012

If this film is to be believed, then yodeling isn’t just for the silver-haired set anymore. The documentary follows young philosophy student Polkabjorn (we’re betting that’s not his real name) and his musical accomplice “Kleine Heine” as they take their yodel-riffic act around the world, playing venues ranging from bars to stadiums. And while they may approach yodeling with a touch of hipster-friendly irony, the lads seem genuinely motivated in their pursuit to meet yodeling legend Franzl Lang. Oh, and did we mention their manager is a male stripper?

Partners: Flimmer Film (Norway), distributed by First Hand Films

Length: 1 x 58 minutes, 1 x 72 minutes

Aired: March 2012 (NRK)

Rights available: More info upon request

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