C4 to air “Crucifixion” doc on Easter

UK prodco The Garden and Channel 4 are unveiling anatomist Dr. Gunther von Hagens' latest work, a crucifix, in Channel 4's Crucifixion, which will also examine the iconic image of Christ on a cross.
March 26, 2012

UK prodco The Garden and Channel 4 are unveiling anatomist Dr. Gunther von Hagens’  latest work in Channel 4′s Crucifixion, which will also examine the iconic image of Christ on a cross.

Von Hagens, who uses donated human bodies in ‘plastinated’ works such as the Body Worlds exhibitions and has also appeared in Channel 4′s Autopsy programs, has turned his focus on the act of crucifixion in his latest work, which was six years in the making. He injected liquid plastic into bones and blood vessels into a cast, which was then mounted on a wood cross.

Airing on C4 on Easter Sunday (April 8), the doc follows the personal journey of von Hagens, who just revealed he’s suffering from Parkinson’s disease, as he creates his crucifix.

In addition, the special features interviews with leading art historians and theologians, to examine the enduring imagery of the Crucifixion and the artists who have tried to portray it, from Michelangelo and Francis Bacon, to Andres Serrano, Damien Hirst and Salvador Dali.

“Reputations have been built and destroyed as artists have tried to reinvent the crucifix for their own age,” said the documentary’s director, Srik Narayanan. “It is something that many of the greatest artists have felt compelled to create and, time and again, you see it take them over. It’s often a work that they are drawn to either to prove themselves or late in life as they come to terms with their own mortality – it’s the last work that many artists undertake.”

Crucifixion is executive produced by The Garden Productions’ Nick Curwin and Magnus Temple and produced by Liz Collier and Lucinda Duxbury.

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