Realscreen’s MIPTV Picks for 2012

With MIPDoc kicking off on Friday, we at realscreen are happy to present the projects heading to this year's MIPTV market that we feel are "must sees," from war horses and hero dogs, to super spiders and human towers.
March 27, 2012

Once again, we at realscreen are happy to present the projects heading to this year’s MIPTV market that we feel are “must sees.” Clips submitted to our intrepid viewing panel ranged from hard-hitting, socially conscious doc fare to historical programming that deftly mixes archive material with vivid re-enactments; and from scintillating science and natural history, to watercooler-friendly factual entertainment. And mountains – there seemed to be a glut of projects based around mountain expeditions this year, which we can only assume is symbolic for this being a “peak” year in non-fiction content, as opposed to a “valley.”

Congrats to our best in show, and be sure to check out all the clips.

Best in show: The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom

The Invisible War

The Human Tower

Saving Face

MS Wars

Conquering the World

The Dust Bowl

Holy Rollers

Dancing in Jaffa

Go Back to Where You Came From

Brother Number One

Charlotte: A Life Without Limbs

Million Dollar Neighbourhood

How to Cook like Heston

Back Door Channels

The Art of Yodeling

Over the Top

Looking for Nicolas Sarkozy

Super Spider

War Horse: The Real Story

Mankind: The Story of All of Us

World War II: The Last Heroes

Venom Island

Recipe to Riches

Hero Dogs of 9/11

Mongolian Bling

Usain Bolt: The Fastest  




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