Endemol receives two commissions from China

Two Chinese broadcasters have ordered game shows XXS and 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show from the international production company.
April 25, 2012

Two Chinese broadcasters have commissioned game shows from global prodco Endemol.

Shanghai Media Group’s Entertainment Channel has ordered 10 episodes of the obstacle-based game show XXS from Endemol Argentina, and Zhejiang Satellite TV has commissioned two 12-episode seasons of stunt-based format 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show that will air this year.

The series are being produced by Endemol Argentina in association with Endemol Asia at the company’s international production hub outside Buenos Aires, where Chinese contestants are being flown in to compete.

Created by Endemol Argentina, XXS features families competing in a larger-than-life obstacle course filled with objects that are 100 times bigger than they are. The family that completes the course in the quickest time wins a cash prize.

In 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show, developed by creative teams from Endemol UK and USA, contestants are physically ejected from the show via human cannons, catapults, bungee cords and parachute jumps.

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