“Beverly Hills Nannies” coming to ABC Family

Evolution Media is behind the new docuseries (pictured) that focuses on the nannies and "mannies" working for the rich and famous.
May 7, 2012

ABC Family will premiere the Evolution Media-produced docuseries Beverly Hills Nannies on July 11.

The hour-long series will follow a group of nannies that work for high powered families in the affluent city, in order to expose the “reality of who really runs Beverly Hills.”

The characters include top nanny and series co-exec producer Kristin Lancione, who is opening her own nanny placement agency; Shaun Sturz, who was noted in LA Magazine as the top “Beverly Hills Manny;” and aspiring TV host, Amber Valdez.

The families featured in the series include model/actress Cindy Margolis and her kids; Lindsay Faulk, wife of former NFL running back and Hall of Famer Marshal Faulk, and their four children; Tricia Fisher, daughter of Eddie Fisher and Connie Stevens, her music producer husband Byron Thames and their two children; and the Bellamar family, headed by millionaire real estate mogul Barry Pettitt.

Douglas Ross, Greg Stewart, Kathleen French, and Alex Baskin serve as executive producers alongside co-executive producers Donald Bull and David Shaye, and producers Maeve Quinlan and Kristin Lancione.

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