MacGillivray Freeman Films creates media agency

The IMAX film producer/distributor's new division, MacG Media, will offer both corporate and non-profit clients a range of content services for all platforms. (Pictured: The company's latest film, To the Arctic 3D)
June 5, 2012

Independent giant-screen film producer and distributor MacGillivray Freeman Films is moving further into the ad world, launching a media agency that will offer both original material and access to its IMAX film library to potential clients.

MacG Media is an outgrowth of the company’s earlier experiences in working with major corporate brands and non-profits on previous IMAX film projects. Most recently, MacGillivray Freeman Films worked with The Coca-Cola Company on the “Arctic Home” cause marketing campaign, providing footage from its To the Arctic 3D film (pictured above) for Coca-Cola’s TV advertising and website content.

“This was the first time a major brand like Coca-Cola used the power of IMAX storytelling in a marketing campaign of this scale, and we believe it’s the beginning of a new trend in cause-related brand marketing,” said Patty Collins, senior director of partnerships and development for MacGillivray Freeman Films.

“Our film footage helped Coca-Cola communicate its message to consumers in a very powerful, emotional way. It’s the perfect case study for how we want to work with other brands and NGOs moving forward.”

MacG Media will offer corporate brands and non-profit organizations a range of content creating services for all platforms, and has established an in-house digital production unit including producers, writers, editors and communications staff.

“As a media company, we can provide the content for a multi-faceted campaign and be the entertainment platform for a corporate brand or NGO that wants to utilize extraordinary visuals to communicate its story to consumers,” said Shaun MacGillivray, managing director of MacGillivray Freeman Films.


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