Cameras roll on Discovery Canada’s “Last Car Standing”

The eight-part car competition series, an original format from Proper Television, comes after Discovery Canada found a popular hit in Canada's Worst Driver.
August 16, 2012

Proper Television found the country’s biggest road hazards as part of its popular Canada’s Worst Driver series for Discovery Canada.

Now the indie producer has started production on Last Car Standing, also for Discovery Canada, an elimination-style car competition series to find the most atrocious cars on the country’s roads. Each of the eight one-hour episodes ordered by Discovery pits the owners of five atrocious vehicles against one another to see which car is best.

After each race, one driver is eliminated and forced to watch as their favorite jalopy gets impaled on the “spike of shame.” The last-car-standing gets a CDN$10,000 restoration, along with the bragging rights for its owner.

Last Car Standing, an original format for Proper Television, will be filmed in Ontario through September, with┬áthe series launching winter 2013. It is executive produced by Guy O’Sullivan, with Blair Ricard producing and Wayne Moss and Joey Case as the series directors.

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