IDFA awards “Woman with a Camera,” “Red Wedding”

Dutch festival IDFA has given its WorldView Award to two projects, Woman with a Camera by Morocco's Karima Zoubir and Red Wedding by Cambodia's Guillaume Suon and Lida Chan.
September 18, 2012

Dutch festival IDFA has given its WorldView Award to two projects, Woman with a Camera by Morocco’s Karima Zoubir and Red Wedding by Cambodia’s Guillaume Suon and Lida Chan, both of which will screen at the forthcoming November festival.

Both films will receive £5,000 (US$8,100) along with the award, and both had previously received a financial contribution from the IDFA Fund. In addition, both took part in the IDFAcademy Summer School, held in Amsterdam last June.

The grant, to be used for the production of the films, is part of the cooperation entered into earlier this year between British broadcaster WorldView and the IDFA Fund.

“We feel both films show the highest dedication by the directors who have over long periods remained committed to their subjects and brought great intimacy, integrity and emotion to the screen,” said Phil Cox, documentary consultant for WorldView.

“Despite working in difficult conditions, both Lida Chan and Guillaume Suon from Cambodia and Karima Zoubir from Morocco succeeded in bringing a warmth and humanity to their films through wonderful storytelling and strong direction.

“We believe this joint IDFA WorldView Award will go to help Lida, Guillaume and Karima complete their projects and hopefully reach greater audiences.”

This year’s International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam will take place from November 14 to 25, and will contain 15 titles supported by the IDFA Fund. This year sees the festival marking the IDFA Fund’s 15th anniversary.

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