Zodiak takes Scott Free’s “In A Day” to MIPCOM

Zodiak Rights and Scott Free Films are taking the In a Day format and finished documentaries, which are based on Kevin Macdonald's feature doc Life In a Day, to MIPCOM. (Pictured: Japan In a Day)
September 20, 2012

Zodiak Rights has partnered with filmmaker Sir Ridley Scott’s production company Scott Free Films to take the In a Day format and finished documentaries to MIPCOM.

The films are edited together from crowdsourced footage filmed by the public on a single day of the year, and uploaded to YouTube. Britain In a Day, which aired in the UK in May on BBC2, has been completed, and Japan In a Day is currently in production. It will air next March on Fuji TV to commemorate the anniversary of the tsunami and earthquake disaster.

“In addition to distributing the finished films Britain In a Day and Japan In a Day, we look forward to working alongside Scott Free Films in developing and producing the format in many more territories around the world,” said Andreas Lemos, Zodiak’s VP of factual acquisitions and programming, in a statement.

The films were inspired by YouTube and Scott Free’s award-winning feature film Life in a Day, which was directed by Kevin Macdonald and exec produced by Scott.

Life In a Day captured debuted via a live stream at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival before rolling out at festivals and cinemas, and on TV, DVD and YouTube, along with other online platforms.

The news comes after Zodiak yesterday acquired the rights to Angus MacQueen’s documentary Aung San Suu Kyi: The Choice, as previously reported.

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