MIPCOM ’12: Cineflix Rights links with LMNO

Distributor Cineflix Rights has signed an exclusive three-year distribution deal with U.S. producer LMNO Productions, the indie behind The Little Couple and Cheating Vegas.
October 8, 2012

Distributor Cineflix Rights has signed an exclusive three-year deal with U.S. producer LMNO Productions, which will see it distributing the prodco’s 450-hour back catalog and its new programming for the next three years.

Among the LMNO programming Cineflix Rights is taking to MIPCOM in Cannes is Unusual Suspects (50 x 60-minutes), which explores stories of everyday people who turn out to be not quite what they seem; and long-running TLC series The Little Couple (100 x 30-minutes) which follows a married couple, both under four feet tall, as they traverse daily life.

Other LMNO shows being repped in Cannes include Cheating Vegas (3 x 60-minutes) and Hollywood & Crime (6 x 60-minutes).

Eric Schotz, president and CEO of LMNO Productions, said: “LMNO is one of the few television production companies that retains the ownership of its shows, so for us this new partnership is with the right company at the right time.

“They have a great reputation for delivering results for clients and we’re particularly pleased at their approach.”

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