Military Channel to air “Pearl Harbor Declassified”

The Creative Differences-produced documentary combines archival footage with image stabilizing techniques to recount the first 15 minutes of the historic Japanese attack on U.S. naval base Pearl Harbor in 1941.
November 27, 2012

U.S. cable network Military Channel will air a Creative Differences-produced documentary to mark the 71st anniversary of the Japanese attack on American naval base Pearl Harbor.

Due to air on December 7 at 10 p.m. (EST/PST), Pearl Harbor Declassified (pictured) combines archival footage shot by Japanese bombers and a U.S. Navy doctor with image stabilization techniques to give a “frame-by-frame” account of the first 15 minutes of the 1941 attack that ultimately killed 2,402 people and led to America’s entry into World War II.

It also features interviews with survivors, a look at the implications of the attack for the world leaders of the day, and an underwater tour of sunken battleship USS Arizona.

“By focusing on the first 15 minutes of the attack through this unique footage, we are able to tell some of the untold stories of Pearl Harbor,” Ed Hersh, the network’s SVP of content strategy, said in a statement. “We also honor the USS Arizona as she sits today, under 40 feet of water, serving as the final resting place of 900 men.”

Pearl Harbor Declassified was written and directed by Creative Differences’ Erik Nelson and executive produced by Dave Harding. Sara Kozak was the executive producer and SVP of production for Military Channel.

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