Channel 5 adds three one-offs to summer slate

The UK broadcaster has commissioned the one-off documentaries Ellie's World, Teen Amnesia and The Man Who Ate Himself to Death, to air this summer.
April 19, 2013

Britain’s Channel 5 has commissioned three one-off documentaries that will air this summer.

“These three films cover a diverse range of subjects, but each one takes the viewer deep into the daily existence of people with extraordinary stories to tell,” C5 commissioning editor Simon Raikes said in a statement. “Stories that are not only compelling, but which raise fundamental questions about how we all live our lives.”

Two of the docs are produced by OR Media/GroupM Entertainment: Ellie’s World (working title), which follows the 10-year-old daughter of a self-styled Messianic Jew who is the patriarch of Britain’s only openly polygamous family; and Teen Amnesia, which follows four teenage amnesiacs as they attend a summer camp in Yorkshire that is run by the Encephalitis Society.

The third film, The Man Who Ate Himself to Death, is produced by Electric Sky. It tells the story of 65-year-old Ricky Naputi, an obese man living in the Pacific island nation of Guam who attempts to shed pounds in order to qualify for a life-saving weight-loss surgery.

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