PBS Int’l digs up deals for “Sand Wars”

Broadcasters in Europe, Canada, Asia and the Middle East have picked up Sand Wars, a documentary (pictured) about the decline of the world's sand supplies.
July 23, 2013

Distributor PBS International has sold the documentary Sand Wars (52-minutes/75-minutes, pictured above) to broadcasters in Europe, Canada, Asia and the Middle East.

The film was acquired by Switzerland’s TSR and SRF, Canada’s Télé‐Québec, Sweden’s SVT, Middle Eastern network MBC, Taiwan’s PTS, Austria’s ORF, Spain’s TVE, Ireland’s TV3 and Italy’s RSI.

Directed and written by Denis Delestrac, the France-Canada coproduction investigates how the planet’s sand reserves are in decline, due to erosion and sand smuggling.

Sand Wars is an eye‐opening documentary shining light on a global environmental issue that fills both a current affairs and a science slot, and the formula works,” said PBS International VP Tom Koch in a statement. He added that the film is the perfect example of “cross-slot appeal, which is one of the many elements we look for when we acquire titles for our catalog.”

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