H2 orders “Thing-a-ma-bob”

The 10-episode series from T Group Productions and 1st Avenue Machine will follow director-designer Bob Partington as he creates strange yet functional objects out of a random mix of items.
July 25, 2013

A+E Networks’ H2 has commissioned a 10-episode order of Thing-a-ma-bob, a series featuring the innovative and unpredictable creations of commercial director/designer/artist Bob Partington.

Produced by Santa Monica-based T Group Productions and Brooklyn-based 1st Avenue Machine, Thing-a-ma-bob will task Partington with creating “fantastical yet functional” items from the contents of a box containing three random objects. At the end of each episode, viewers will see how the seemingly unrelated objects all relate to a specific historical individual or event.

Most recently, Partington, through 1st Avenue Machine, has directed stop-motion TV spots for Panera Bread, Google Fiber and Google Maps. He has also directed and designed content for and consulted with a wide range of clients, including adidas, Fiat, MTV, Disney and bands such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Metric.

“Bob’s ability to take everyday objects and transform them into a new form of functional equipment or out of the ordinary technology is mind-blowing,” said Jenny Daly, president of T Group, in a statement. “The ideas that come out of his mind are truly exceptional.”

Executive producers for the series include Daly, Bill Rademaker, Andrew Geller, Sam Penfield, Arvind Palep, and Serge Patzak. An air date is yet to be announced.


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