Channel 5 lines up “Genius and Genocide” series

Channel 5 in the UK is to air a series of docs this winter looking at different aspects of the Nazi regime, with titles including Hitler's 9/11 and Nazi Quest for the Holy Grail.
September 16, 2013

Channel 5 in the UK is to air a series of docs this winter looking at different aspects of the Nazi regime.

A number of different prodcos are tackling stories that revolve around Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, including Furneaux-Edgar Productions, Nerd TV Production, The Interesting Film Company, Icon Films and GroupM Entertainment. The series is to be called ‘Genius and Genocide.’

Treblinka: Inside the Murder Factory (working title) is a documentary explores the wooded factory outside of Warsaw, which was one of Hitler’s most lethal extermination camps. The film follows British forensic archaeologist Dr. Caroline Sturdy Colls as she pieces together a portrait of the since-bulldozed site, and promises a conclusive account of what happened at Treblinka.

The film is directed by Alex Nicolic-Dunlap , and the EPs are Charles Furneaux and David Edgar.

Elsewhere, Nazi Quest for the Holy Grail (w/t), a Nerd TV production with GroupM Entertainment, is directed by Tom Barbor-Might and examines the Nazi’s quest to re-discover the lost Aryan race. The doc looks at the project that launched archaeological expeditions across the globe, and how scientists and their research were skewed to be used against the enemies of the Reich.

The Interesting Film Company and GroupM Entertainment are behind Hitler’s Children (w/t), which looks at the Lebensborn program, which aimed to create an Aryan master race. The program involved a network of “birthing homes” for “racially pure” babies, and included the kidnapping of nearly a quarter of a million Aryan-looking babies and children from occupied countries.

In Seven Days That Made the Fuhrer, the turning points of Hitler’s life are examined, with leading historians, psychologists and psychiatrists weighing in on how a handful of days shaped the man who would become a dictator. Directed by Alex Parkinson, the doc is made by Icon and GroupM.

Hitler’s 9/11 rounds up the doc selections, and looks at Hitler’s plans to attack the U.S., which included plans to send German fighter planes into Manhattan’s skyscrapers.

“These cracking films offer a dramatic new perspective on the regime by taking the viewer inside the minds of the Nazi leadership,” said Simon Raikes, commissioning editor at Channel 5.

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