Animal Planet orders “Alaskan Gold Diggers”

The series, produced by T Group Productions in association with Henry Island Productions, looks at a family attempting to re-open abandoned gold mines six weeks before the start of the Alaskan winter.
September 18, 2013

T Group Productions, in association with Henry Island Productions, is set to produce six episodes of Alaskan Gold Diggers for Animal Planet in the U.S.

The series follows SarahJane “SJ” Bartholomae, who inherited two gold mines from her oil and gold tycoon father, who was murdered when she was a child. SJ and her four grown daughters hire local mining crews to re-open the abandoned mines, with only six weeks before the start of the Alaskan winter.

Premiering on October 10, Alaskan Gold Diggers also captures the women’s transition from their million dollar beach homes in Newport Beach to an 80-year-old mining camp in the wilderness.

“It’s more than just a fish-out-of-water story – these women have grit and gumption, and will stop at nothing until they realize their father and grandfather’s dream of striking it rich in one of the harshest terrains on the planet,” said Jenny Daly, president of T Group Productions.

Alaskan Gold Diggers is executive produced by Daly and Michael Binko for T Group, and Brian Neal and Debbie Shepard are the executive producer, and co-executive producer respectively for Henry Island Productions. Keith Hoffman is the executive producer and Sarah Russell is the production coordinator for Animal Planet.

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