MIPCOM ’13: BBCWW shopping “Sewing Bee,” “That Puppet Game Show”

Other formats in BBC Worldwide's MIPCOM slate will include Best in Town, Million Dollar Intern and Why Don't You Speak English?
September 27, 2013

BBC Worldwide (BBCWW) has picked up format rights for Sewing Bee, from the producers of The Great British Bake Off, Love Productions.

The format sees three amateur sewers competing against each other in a series of three challenges. The Great British Sewing Bee had an average of 3 million viewers in its first season on BBC2 and has been recommissioned for a second season.

Other new formats added to the BBCWW slate include That Puppet Game Show, a family entertainment collaboration with the Jim Henson Company that pits two celebrities against each other in a series of challenges devised and overseen by a cast of various puppet characters.

Also on the slate are Mox Productions’ Best in Town, in which small business owners compete to be judged as the best in their field; Million Dollar Intern, in which young entrepreneurs go undercover to save failing businesses; and Why Don’t You Speak English?, in which four first-generation immigrants attempt to learn the language of their adopted country through being taught by a local.

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