Renewed and returning: “Baggage Battles,” “The First 48″

Baggage Battles (pictured), Beyond Scared Straight and Canada's Worst Driver Ever are among the shows renewed and set to return to TV screens this week.
September 27, 2013

Baggage Battles (pictured), Beyond Scared Straight and Canada’s Worst Driver Ever are among the shows renewed and set to return to TV screens this week.

U.S. cablenet Travel Network is looking for more Baggage Battles, with the third season set to premiere on October 15 at 9 p.m. EST/PST.

In the MY Tupelo Entertainment series, auction specialists Billy “The Dealer” Leroy, Mark “The Hustler” Meyer, and Laurence and Sally Martin return to give an inside look at the business of bidding, buying and reselling unclaimed items from airports, freight and shipping, estate, police and seizure and specialty auctions. In season three, the experts will attend a wider variety of auctions, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Also in the U.S., A&E Network’s Beyond Scared Straight and The First 48 are both set to return on October 3.

This marks the fifth season of Beyond Scared Straight, produced by Arnold Shapiro Productions. In the latest season, at-risk teens being sent to a jail for a day includes four Albuquerque teen, a 17-year-old football star who is caught up in fights and marijuana, and a 12-year-old pyromaniac.

ITV Studios America produces The First 48, which follows homicide detectives as they race to find a suspect in the first 48 hours of their investigations. This season promises a missing woman found dead in an abandoned house in her neighborhood, and an honor student found dead.

In Canada, Proper Television is behind the ninth season of Canada’s Worst Driver Ever, premiering on October 21 on Discovery Channel Canada.

Beginning with a special episode on why the producers have brought back the worst participants from the previous seasons, the series sees them participate again in Driver Rehab, to see how much or little has changed since their first appearance.

Series host Andrew Younghusband also returns, along with the team of driving experts, including CP24′s Cam Woolley, driving instructors Philippe Létourneau and Tim Danter, and therapist Shyamala Kiru.

Over on Discovery Networks International, a second season of Breaking Magic from Objective Productions has been ordered.

The 14 x 30-minute series brings back its global cast, including magicians Ben Hanlin, Billy Kidd, Wayne Houchin and newcomer Nate Staniforth, to feature their own brand of stunts and street magic.

The series will premiere on Discovery Channels across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America in February of 2014.

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