Science Channel to air “Exo-Planets” in March

The Discovery-owned cable net will air a documentary about the findings of NASA's planet-searching Kepler Space Telescope (pictured) next March during its month-long 'Are We Alone?' strand, which is devoted to extraterrestrial life.
November 6, 2013

U.S. cable network Science Channel has greenlit Exo-PlanetsĀ (working title), a documentary about the findings of NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope (pictured).

On November 4, researchers from the University of California and Berkeley and University of Hawaii searching for habitable planets using the Kepler announced that one of five sun-like stars observed by the telescope have planets roughly the size of earth with surface conditions conducive to life.

Produced by Pioneer Productions, the film will air in March during the Discovery-owned channel’s month-long strand focused on extraterrestrial life, ‘Are We Alone?’ The doc will feature interviews with the scientists behind the research, including Berkeley astronomy professor Geoffrey Marcy, author and astronomer Phil Plait and NASA scientist Christopher McKay.

Past ‘Are We Alone?’ month specials have included Alien Encounters, Aliens: The Definitive Guide and Through the Wormhole: Will We Survive First Contact?

Kirstie McLure is executive producing Exo-Planets for Pioneer Productions. Wyatt Channell is the executive producer for Science Channel.

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