Master classes tackle voice-overs, music, audience research and format protection

The Summit is known for provocative and timely content presented in an interesting variety of formats ranging from structured networking, to panel discussions, debates and keynotes. In addition to the ...
December 2, 2013

The Summit is known for provocative and timely content presented in an interesting variety of formats ranging from structured networking, to panel discussions, debates and keynotes. In addition to the general conference agenda, we also assemble a slate of high-value Master Classes as an optional add-on. The classroom-style, practical presentations are scheduled for Sunday, January 26, 2014. We’re pleased to reveal this year’s Master Class agenda below.


Creating and Protecting Your Format:

Everybody has an idea, and some of them are good ideas. But there is an art and a craft to turning those ideas into workable formats. The first part of the workshop is led by “The Format Doctor” and The Format People CCO Justin Scroggie who focuses on TFP’s unique development system, showing you how to grow your original idea into a structured ‘cleverly simple’ narrative without losing its essence. In the next part of the workshop, TFP CEO and FRAPA founder Michel Rodrigue shows you how to protect your IP, including original and identifiable format points built into the narrative structure, a well-written production Bible, strong style and branding, and the registration of your format from the get-go.

Michel Rodrigue
Formats Adviser & Broker

The Format People

Justin Scroggie
CCO & Partner

The Format People

Music Matters:

Join Vanacore Music’s CEO David Vanacore and COO George Macias, and Jingle Punks CEO, CCO and co-founder Jared Gutstadt as they provide a comprehensive, inside look at how music makes a difference in each stage of production, and how to better utilize music in each stage. From the development stage to the point where your show is greenlit, to the stage of giving your production its own sonic branding, learn from Jared, David and George as well as network and production execs about the creative collaboration necessary to bring your show to life with music.

Jared Gutstadt
and Co-Founder

Jingle Punks

George Macias

Vanacore Music

David Vanacore
President & CEO

Vanacore Music

Sizzling Voices: What a Difference a Voice Talent Can Make:

From inception to sizzle, from launch to longevity, this first time ever, hands-on, real time session presented by ACM’s Marc Guss and Phil Suftin with Tobias Entertainment Global’s Marice Tobias, offers producers and creative teams the opportunity to delve more deeply into the art, the craft, the mechanics and ultimately, the value-added aspects of the narrative component of unscripted projects and productions.

Marc Guss



Phil Sutfin



Marice Tobias

Tobias Entertainment Global

How Audience Research Can Make or Break Your Pitch:

This workshop will take you step by step through the program approvals process for typical channels highlighting the array of research tools that network executives use to help green light – or renew – your shows; outlining the research data that producers should have at their fingertips before they pitch network development teams; and analyzing how much the ‘gut feel’ of network programmers, producers and agents will give way to an approvals process that relies more heavily on consumer research input.

Brad Dancer

SVP, Programming, Planning and Research

National Geographic Channel

Peter Hamilton
Founder, Publisher and Editor

Brent Stinski
Founder and CEO
Media Predict

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