Keshet Int’l bringing game show “Boom!” to MIPTV

Keshet International is to launch Boom!, a trivia show in which contestants must answer questions by defusing replica bombs, at MIPTV in Cannes next month.
March 13, 2014

Distributor Keshet International will launch Boom!, a trivia show in which contestants must defuse replica bombs to win prize money, during MIPTV in Cannes next month.

Due to premiere on Keshet Broadcasting Channel 2 in Israel in early April, Boom! combines mental and physical challenges that its creators are likening to high-tension movies and videos games.

During the show, a team of four players must defuse eight replica bombs by answering trivia questions within a time limit in order to win prize money. The team nominates one player to answer the question by cutting through colored wires that represent multiple choice answers. If they get it wrong, the bomb explodes, shakes the set and the team loses 25% of their winnings.

Other unscripted titles in Keshet International’s MIPTV catalog include the interactive talent show format Rising Star, as well a finished 10-episode U.S. series based on the format, and children’s talent show Masterclass.

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