Lung cancer claims doc-maker Michael Henry Wilson

Michael Henry Wilson, who wrote and directed the Emmy-winning documentary When The Lion Roars: The MGM Story has passed on at the age of 67.
July 4, 2014

Los Angeles-based Parisian documentarian, film historian, author and screenwriter Michael Henry Wilson has passed away from lung cancer at 67.

Best known for his Emmy-winning When The Lion Roars: The MGM Story, narrated by Patrick Stewart, Wilson was also hailed for such works as Reconciliation: Mandela’s Miracle and Clint Eastwood: A Life In Film/Clint Eastwood, le franctireur and La Cinéma de James Cameron.

Wilson also enjoyed a longstanding collaborative relationship with Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese. He made several documentaries based on Scorsese’s filmmaking — In Search Of Kundun, A Day In The Life Of Cinema (filmed on the set of Casino) and some shorts on the Mean Streets DVD — as well as a three-part documentary entitled A Personal Journey Through American Movies.

Wilson was working on another documentary with Scorsese – this one a three-parter on classic British cinema – and was in pre-production for the doc Burma’s Gandhi.

His scripted work included the film Intimate Affairs (2000) and he served as a creative consultant on The Moderns (1988), as well as authoring several history books about film.

Wilson is survived by wife Carole, a documentary film producer, and three children.

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