Weather Channel orders “Fat Guys in the Woods”

So You Think You'd Survive? and Fat Guys In the Woods (pictured) will join the Weather Channel's 'Survival Sunday' line-up on August 10.
July 11, 2014

U.S. net The Weather Channel has picked up two shows for its thematic ‘Survival Sunday’ – So You Think You’d Survive? and Fat Guys in the Woods (pictured).

So You Think You’d Survive? (8 x 60-minute), formerly entitled Now What?, features a panel of experts debating life-and-death situations one could face if they were caught in a mudslide, in the path of a tornado or near a sinkhole, offering solutions for survival for even the worse-case scenarios. The program premiere on Sunday, August 10, at 9 p.m. EST.

Following So You Think You’d Survive? at 10 p.m. will be Fat Guys in the Woods (8 x 60-minute), also premiering August 10. Survival expert Creek Stewart invites three ‘average Joes’ to spend a week in the woods to battle the elements and “teach them the skills that makes a man, a man,” according to the network.

In the premiere episode, Stewart brings three California friends to the Smoky Mountains to survive during record-breaking low temperatures, armed only with their wits, their hands, and whatever food, shelter and tools they can forage for survival.

So You Think You’d Survive? is exec produced by Phil Gurin, while Fat Guys In The Woods is produced by RIVR Media.



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