ITV Studios Australia partners with Kim Wolhuter

ITV Studios Australia has penned a deal with Kim Wolhuter (pictured), an Emmy-winning doc filmmaker noted for having spent extended periods living with cheetahs.
August 11, 2014

ITV Studios Australia (ITVSA) has penned a deal with Emmy-winning doc filmmaker Kim Wolhuter (pictured) to make multiple blue-chip wildlife documentaries.

Wolhuter, who has a 25-year career as a wildlife filmmaker, is working with ITVSA’s head of development Micah Hewson to create three documentaries – on the elephant, cheetah and African wild dog – using some of the 350 hours of footage he has shot over the past nine years.

In a statement, ITVSA MD Anita Jacoby said she met Wolhuter by chance when she was holidaying in a Zimbabwe game park in January.

“We were the only tourists in the game park and over a few hours he told me the most fantastic stories of living for months on end with wild animals – from cheetah to hyena – with just his camera,” she explained.

Wolhuter added: “Cameras allow me to bring home stunning images and footage to share with the world, helping create an international awareness of Africa’s endangered species.

“I like to get up close and personal with my subjects, gaining their total trust. This allows me to shoot footage so the audience can engage with the animal in a way that’s never been possible before and really feel what it’s like to be that animal.”

Wolhuter won a News & Documentary Emmy in 2006 for Outstanding Science, Technology and Nature Programming, as part of the team that made 2005′s Predators at War.

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