BBC delves into “Animals In Love”

The UK pubcaster has lined up a two-part, Oxford Scientific Films-produced series about amorous animals featuring presenter Liz Bonnin (pictured).
September 19, 2014

UK pubcaster BBC1 has ordered the series Animals in Love from Oxford Scientific Films.

The follow-up to Animal Odd Couples, the 2 x one-hour program is hosted by wild animal biologist and TV personality Liz Bonnin (pictured) and focuses on the ways animals mate and form life-long relationships.

The show includes original and archival footage as well as interviews with animal behaviourists to explain the flirting techniques of capuchin monkeys and the story of two elephants who forge a bond in the wake of a trauma.

“I think we’ve all wondered whether animals can feel anything akin to love when our pets look into our eyes adoringly, so it’s fascinating to find out more about what animals seem to feel towards each other,” said Alice Keens-Soper, head of specialist factual for Oxford Scientific Films, in a statement.

Animals in Love will air this fall. BBC Worldwide is handling international distribution.

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