True North launches Chinese YouTube channel China Icons

Bejing-based media giant CICC has commissioned True North to produce its first Chinese general interest YouTube channel.
October 7, 2014

Bejing-based media giant CICC (China Intercontinental Communication Center) has commissioned its first Chinese general interest YouTube channel.

Produced by True North, which previous made┬áthe three-part series Designed In China for CICC,┬áChina Icons promises to offer an insider’s view of Chinese culture, society, industry and arts, as well as a collection of short-form original and repackaged content also curated by the producer.

The channel launches with an exclusive interview with NBA star Yao Ming, rare footage of Giant Panda cubs in the wild, and a feature on China’s “talkonauts.”

A video strand will also be dedicated to foreigners sharing a video diary about their insights and enthusiasm for Chinese life, culture and heritage, in a move that CICC hopes will demystify modern day China and promote feedback through user comments enabled through the content, which will be updated weekly.

“We’re delighted to consolidate our relationship with CICC and we’re looking forward to continuing to shape the channel’s evolution, giving people a window into China, one short film at a time,” said True North’s executive producer Liz McLeod, in a statement.

Wang Yuanyuan, deputy director of CICC’s digital media centre, added: “We’re pleased to be able to benefit from True North’s creative and strategic expertise on this important project, as we shine a light on everyday life in China for the benefit of global curiosity and interest. In the future we hope to evolve China Icons into a suite of channels, each one focusing on a particular special interest.”

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