EyeSteel, Reel to Reel land Rogers Fund grants

The Rogers Documentary and Cable Network Fund has backed projects including Bald Eagles: Our Wild Neighbours, Baby Cold War and My Millennial Life.
October 8, 2014

The Rogers Documentary and Cable Network Fund has awarded CAD$1,111,342 (US$994,000) in grants to 18 French and English documentary television projects in the latest round of financing through its Documentary Fund stream.

The projects selected to receive funding include Interfilm Productions’ Baby Cold War (Super Channel, iChannel, Out TV), Parallax Film Productions’ Bald Eagles: Our Wild Neighbours (CBC, Documentary Channel), Two Island Films’ Fractured Land (Documentary Channel, Exlpora, Knowledge Network), Samartuan Entertainment’s From Tops to Bottom (Super Channel), Border City Pictures’ How to Prepare for Prison (TVO, iChannel), Datsit Studios ONZE’s L’heritier (Tele-Quebec, SRC, Radio-Canada, RDI), and PVP Doc II’s La politique n’est pas un jeu d’enfant (Tele-Quebec),

Others receiving coin were EyeSteel Productions’ Last of the Blues-Devils (Documentary Channel, Canal D), Toxa Productions’ Les grands deranges (Canal D), Makin’Movies My Millennial Life (TVO, iChannel), Reel to Reel Productions’ No Limits (Documentary Channel, SRC, RDI, Explora), Les Films Outsiders Oh! Canada (SRC, Radio-Canada, RDI), B-612 Medias’ Parents Inc (Canal D), Merit Motion Pictures’ Vitamins and Me (CBC), Blimp Tele Inc’s VoltaFace (Explora), the second season of Makan 1′s Bollywood Star (Rogers), Blimp Tele’s Volteface (Explora) and Triple Threat Films Why Young People Don’t Vote (CPAC).

Rogers facilitates several funds for Canadian independent producers. The Documentary Fund supports non-fiction films, and the Cable Network Fund serves as an equity investor in Canadian programs that get first play on the country’s cable channels.

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