The Real Estate Network to open house in 2016

Backed by former ESPN founding chairman Stuart Evey, The Real Estate Network will launch on cable and the web in 2016, with both ad-supported and VOD content.
October 31, 2014

A consortium of cable, media and real estate execs plan to launch The Real Estate Network by early 2016.

It will be a multi-platform U.S. network with a presence on TV, as well as the web, where it will have both ad-supported and VOD content, producing original programming covering five verticals, including primary residence, second homes and vacation homes, investment real estate and senior living.

Founded by CEO Robert Atkinson, a Minnesota real-estate entrepreneur, the venture is also being backed by former ESPN founding chairman Stuart Evey, who has been named the network’s chairman of the board. Also on the board are Jack Schneider, former managing director of Allen & Company, a boutique investment bank catering to tech and media companies, and Robert Friedman, a veteran film and TV executive and current CEO of Bungalow Media + Entertainment.

“The Real Estate Network is being created to be a trusted source of real estate information and transaction capability for consumers, not just by aggregating information and service offerings from other sources, but by creating new and proprietary content that will fill the void currently existing,” said Atkinson in a statement.

Investors, senior management and the network’s launch and rollout plans will be announced in the coming weeks.

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