Proper Rights sends “Don’t Drive Here,” “Survivorman” abroad

Toronto-based distributor Proper Rights has inked 20 deals with networks in Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America for series including Don't Drive Here and Survivorman (pictured).
November 13, 2014

Toronto-based distributor Proper Rights has inked a raft of deals with broadcasters in Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America for series including Don’t Drive Here and Survivorman (pictured).

In Europe, seasons one (6 x 60 minutes) and two (6 x 60 minutes) of Proper Television’s series on the world’s worst driving cities, Don’t Drive Here, have been sold to France’s Voyage, while the second season of the show was also picked up by Sweden’s TV10, Sky Italia and Discovery Networks Europe for Discovery World (EMEA).

Meanwhile, the Proper Television-produced auto series Strip N’ Rip (8 x 60 minutes) has been picked up by Norway’s TV4 and the third season of Les Stroud Productions’ wilderness program Survivorman (6 x 60 minutes) was acquired by France’s RMC Découverte.

Over in Asia, Proper Rights has licensed the first two seasons of Don’t Drive Here to Discovery Networks Asia for their pan-Asian Turbo Network, and the company also renewed its license for the first three seasons of Survivorman (10 x 60, 7 x 60 and 6 x 60 minutes) for two more years.

Back in North America, Proper Television’s historical series Secret Life Of… (14 x 30 minutes) was picked up by Herring Networks for A Wealth of Entertainment (AWE), while ION Media invested in a number of design series including Cream Productions’ Esther Extraordinaire (10 x 30 minutes) and Firvalley Productions’ Real Designing Women (10 x 30 minutes) and Top Ten (10 x 30 minutes) for ION Life.

In Canada, Proper Rights made a raft of deals with French-language specialty channels in Quebec.  Season four of Survivorman (8 x 60 minutes) was picked up by Canal Évasion, while Canal D bought season one of Cream Productions’ nightmare neighbor show Fear Thy Neighbor (6 x 60 minutes) and pre-bought the second season (13 x 60 minutes).

Finally, Discovery Latin America has renewed the first two seasons of Survivorman (10 x 60 and 7 x 60 minutes).

Commenting on the deals – the bulk of which were made at October’s MIPCOM market in Cannes – Proper Rights vice president Natalie Vinet said in a statement: “MIPCOM was a successful market for Proper Rights as we rounded off and covered most of the globe with Don’t Drive Here and Strip N’ Rip sales. In addition, the Survivorman franchise continues to be a strong seller with worldwide appeal. Not only are the new series selling, but the earlier ones remain timeless and relevant.”

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