French broadcasters buy 100 hours from Sky Vision

Seven French firms have acquired more than 100 hours of programming from Sky Vision, in deals brokered by the distributor's head of global sales Leona Connell.
December 1, 2014

RMC Découverte, France 4, France 5, L’ Équipe 24/24, TF1 Histoire, Ushuaïa and AB Droits Audiovisuels have collectively purchased more than 100 hours of programming from Sky Vision, the distribution arm of British broadcaster Sky.

The 3 x 60-minute Jesus: Rise To Power, the 18 x 60-minute Caught in the Act, the 3 x 60-minute Paranatural and the 6 x 60-minute Gangland Killers are among 51 hours of factual programming acquired by RMC Découverte, while France 5′s 15 hours of programming include the 13 x 60-minute Hope For Wildlife, and the hour-long Snow Monkeys. In a separate deal, France 4 picked up the 60-minute Sea Monsters.

L’ Équipe 24/24 picked up 26 hours of programming, including 13 x 60-minute Sports Science, while TF1 Histoire picked up an 18-hour package that features the BBC documentaries The Secret Life of Uri Geller (60 minutes); Pipers of the Trenches (60 minutes) and two shark documentaries (Return of Jaws and Spawn of Jaws, both 60 minutes), which have been acquired for TF1 Histoire’s sister channel Ushuaïa.

AB Droits Audiovisuels bought eight and a half hours of programming, including the Sky 1 factual series Flintoff’s Road to Nowhere (2 x 60-minutes) and two seasons of The Water Brothers (6 x 30-minute/7 x 30-minute).

The deals were brokered by Sky Vision’s head of global sales Leona Connell, who said in a statement: “France has always been a key territory for Sky Vision and we have been fortunate to have forged strong links with broadcasters there. These recent sales deals illustrate the ways in which we are growing our presence across the country.”

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