Smithsonian revisits Victorian era in “American Princesses”

Downton Abbey actor Elizabeth McGovern (pictured) is to host a three-part series for U.S. net Smithsonian Channel about American heiresses who wed British nobility during the Victorian era.
December 11, 2014

Downton Abbey actor Elizabeth McGovern (pictured) is to host a three-part series for U.S. net Smithsonian Channel about American heiresses who wed British nobility during the Victorian era.

Titled Million Dollar American Princesses, the series will draw on historical documents, interviews and dramatic re-enactments, and McGovern – who plays such a character on the popular drama – will introduce audiences to famous American-British couples from the period.

Produced by The Day Kennedy Died firm Finestripe Productions, the series will examine the prevalence of these unions between 1880 and 1920, when as many as 350 British aristocrats are said to have married “American princesses.”

Sue Summers is exec producing for Finestripe, while David Royle and Charles Poe will serve as executive producers for Smithsonian Channel.

The series will air on January 4, 11 and 18 at 8 p.m. EST/PST.

Elsewhere, the Smithsonian Channel is readying a one-hour special commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami. Titled Asian Tsunami: The Deadliest Wave, the ITN Productions-made program will premiere on December 21 at 8 p.m. EST/PST.

Asian Tsunami will compile archival footage, computer-generated images and interviews with experts and eyewitnesses, as well as discuss the scientific advancements from the last decade that work to monitor such disasters today.

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