Exclusive: Everwise, Sweeney partner for Everest-based format

Denver-based prodco Everwise Entertainment has partnered with adventurer and mountain biker Patrick Sweeney (pictured) on an event format entitled Racing Down from the Top of the World.
January 28, 2015

Denver-based prodco Everwise Entertainment has partnered with extreme athlete and mountain biker Patrick Sweeney (pictured) on a Nepal-based event format entitled Racing Down from the Top of the World.

Sweeney is one of three adventurers to have ever raced an oversized “fat bike” in the world’s toughest mountain bike races in Costa Rica and Alaska. In Racing Down, he will be the first person to ride the 200-mile “Mail Run” from Base Camp to Kathmandu non-stop, with an eye on setting a new record for fastest descent from Everest Base Camp, as well as breaking two world records for most non-stop climbing on a mountain bike, and most non-stop descent on a mountain bike.

The special and its ancillary properties will include coverage of Sweeney crossing dangerous bridges and climbing various passes and will also provide background on Nepal and its landscapes.

Everwise’s executive VP and chief creative officer Patrick Jager is shopping the project to networks at the Realscreen Summit in Washington DC this week.

“There are few world records that have this kind of scale: Everest is the top of the world and no-one has ever gotten a bike close to it,” said Sweeney in a statement. “Crazy speed, insane climbs, dangerous routes and no sleep make this a record few people would even dare to try. If we can create more opportunities for the people of Nepal by setting a world record, then bring on the pain.”

Jager added: “Everwise prides itself on crafting narratives that are engaging, uplifting, inspiring and educational. Patrick and this special attempt to meet all of those expectations and more. This isn’t just ‘bike porn’ – it’s real and raw record-breaking bragging rights at its best.”

In recent months, the prodco established a political division in-house focused on short-form and digital programming for lobbying and special-interest groups ahead of the 2016 election. In February it is to launch a private equity fund focused on sports and entertainment.

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