ITV orders ‘Secret Life’ docs about twins, human body

The UK broadcaster has ordered two entries in the Oxford Scientific Films-produced strand 'Secret Life': The Secret Life of Twins and The Secret Life of Me. (Pictured: The Secret Life of Babies)
February 25, 2015

UK broadcaster ITV has ordered two more entries in its ‘Secret Life’ strand of documentaries from Oxford Scientific Films.

The Secret Life of Twins (one x 60 minutes) will feature different sets of identical twins, including octogenarian DJs, twins separated at birth and a twin who risked his life to save his brother.

Meanwhile, The Secret Life of Me (two x 60 minutes) is a two-part look at the human body. The first part focuses on “Growing Up” and covers childhood to early adulthood. Part two is about “Growing Old.” Both use specialist photography to show the human body as it ages.

Both will air this year and are being distributed by BBC Worldwide. Caroline Hawkins and Alice Keens-Soper are exec producing for Oxford Scientific. Katy Thorogood and Andrew O’Connell commissioned the programs for ITV.

Past entries in the ‘Secret Life’ strand include The Secret Life of Students , The Secret Life of Babies (pictured), The Secret Life of Dogs and The Secret Life of Cats.

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