Nat Geo, Channel 4 greenlight stunt show “True Tube”

Produced by London-based Nerd TV with Red Arrow International, True Tube (pictured) follows a comic duo as they track down the people behind viral video stunts in order to recreate them on a larger scale.
March 5, 2015

National Geographic Channels International and Channel 4 have ordered the daredevil stunt series True Tube (working title, pictured) from London-based producer Nerd TV.

The six-episode series follows comic duo Tim Shaw and Buddy Munro as they track down the people behind well-known viral video stunts so they can learn the science and engineering behind them and recreate each one on a larger scale. The stunts include waterskiing behind a container ship and playing tennis on an airplane wing during flight.

The networks are billing the series, which is provisionally named Idiot Proof for Channel 4, as a hybrid travelog and forensic clip show. Red Arrow International also coproduces.

It will air later this year globally on National Geographic Channel as part of its ‘Entertain Your Brain’ strand, outside of the UK, where it will air on Channel 4.

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