Breakthrough sweeps up curling doc

The Toronto-headquartered producer-distributor is taking to the ice with its latest acquisition, the curling documentary Sticks and Stones (pictured).
March 27, 2015

Toronto-headquartered producer-distributor Breakthrough Entertainment is taking to the ice with its latest acquisition, the curling documentary Sticks and Stones (pictured).

The hour-long doc – which is to be shopped to buyers at next month’s MIPTV market in Cannes – details the sport’s transformation from a weekend pastime into an Olympic sport. Featuring exclusive interviews and footage, Sticks and Stones, from Harmony Documentary, Hurry Hard Productions and Partners in Motion, is billed as “an engaging chronicle about the history of this often over-looked competition.”

“No Olympic sport has captured quite the same international notoriety as curling,” said Nat Abraham, president of distribution at Breakthrough Entertainment, in a statement.

“From its fervent adherents to those who scratch their heads, curling is one of the Olympics’ most memorable competitions,” he continued. “Sticks and Stones covers every angle, presenting a sweeping and delightful story.”


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