NATPE CEO Rod Perth to step down in 2016

Rod Perth (pictured), president and CEO of NATPE//Content First, is to step down from the position in February 2016, and continue with the organization's board of directors.
March 27, 2015

Rod Perth (pictured), president and CEO of NATPE//Content First, is to step down from the position in February 2016, when he will leave the role to join the organization’s board of directors.

The exec – who joined NATPE in May 2012, taking over from Rick Feldman - will assist in selecting his replacement and oversee the transition of the business, which is to be handed off following the January 2016 conference in Florida. Prior to joining NATPE, Perth co-founded the ReelzChannel TV network and also served as president of Jim Henson Television Worldwide.

A release by the organization credits Perth with “a turnaround of NATPE,” which now runs conferences and markets in both Miami and Prague. According to a statement by NATPE board chairman Jordan Levin, Perth is to remain in a “senior leadership” position with the organization for at least the next three years.

“These actions we are taking reflect the culmination of a multi-year turnaround effort made possible by all of the success we’ve achieved during Rod’s watch,” said Levin in a statement.

“Under his leadership, Rod has greatly increased NATPE’s visibility and return to relevance by increasing industry participation across all sectors and platforms. Now that he has succeeded in his mission, we can move to the next phase of the transition by positioning this organization for the future with must-attend events in both the U.S. and internationally.”

Commenting on the transition, Perth said in a statement, “It’s been a whirlwind three years and I am proud that, along with the teamwork of this great staff and an energized board, we have successfully repositioned NATPE with a strategy that is broad and inclusive, and one that reflects the dynamic changes that are having a profound impact on our business.

“Given my family priorities, I recently began discussing with the board how I could make an orderly transition from day-to-day duties, and this contract extension will encourage a thoughtful transition to new leadership,” he added.

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