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MIPTV Picks 2015: Incredible Frogs

There's more to the frog kingdom than Kermit would have us believe. This special dives deep into the habitats of some of the world's freakiest frogs.
April 1, 2015

Partners: Smithsonian Networks and ORF/Universum; distributed by Earth Touch
Length: 1 x 50 minutes
Aired: October 2014 (Smithsonian Channel)
Rights available: Worldwide terrestrial TV rights, excluding North America and German-speaking Europe
Perhaps it’s all Kermit’s fault, but typically, most of us think of frogs as fairly docile, and cute – if a tad slimy – creatures. But there’s more to the frog kingdom than that fuzzy Muppet would have us believe. This special dives deep into the habitats of some of the world’s freakiest frogs, such as the wood frog, which has an internal cryogenic mechanism that can allow it to freeze itself for the winter; the water-lily reed frog, which can use its translucent skin as a form of camouflage to allow light to pass through it; and the hairy frog – no further explanation needed for that one.

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