AHC orders World Media Rights WW2 series

U.S. net American Heroes Channel has ordered a 3 x 60-minute docuseries titled WWII in the Pacific (pictured) from British factual producer World Media Rights.
April 27, 2015

U.S. net American Heroes Channel (AHC) has ordered a 3 x 60-minute docuseries titled WWII in the Pacific (pictured) from British factual producer World Media Rights (WMR).

The series – a copro between the Discovery Communications-owned net and WMR – follows the battles waged on land, air and sea over three years, triggered by Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor and ultimately leading to the end of the Second World War.

Featuring color film footage shot by the troops, WWII in the Pacific also details the wartime strategies employed by army chief of staff George C. Marshall, admiral Chester Nimitz and U.S. Air Force brigadier general Curtis LeMay.

ZDF Enterprises is distributing the series in all territories excluding the U.S. and UK. World Media Rights’ previous commissions for American Heroes Channel include Black Ops (8 x 60 minutes), Secrets of the Bible (13 x 60 minutes) and Myth Hunters (13 x 60 minutes).

“This series coincides with this year’s 70th anniversary of VJ day and draws on World Media Rights’ expertise in archive,” said Matthew Barrett, creative director of World Media Rights, in a statement. “It is filled with specially colorized footage and material often shot by the troops themselves that gives it a freshness that is quite new. But above all, it tells the story of a conflict, the likes of which the world had never seen before or since.”

Winona Meringolo, VP of development at Discovery Communications, negotiated the deal for American Heroes Channel, with Nikolas Huelbusch, director of factual for ZDF Enterprises, and Alan Griffiths, CEO of WMR. Exec producing for WMR is creative director Matthew Barrett.

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